Enjoy the gifts of nature all year around.
You can climb, hike, cycle in unique routes, swim and have a spa session with clay in the river Arachthos.


Climbing / Hiking

A destination which has it all and only a few km away from the city of Arta. A dreamy get away for the lovers of nature, climbing and hiking since a big net of trails leads either to Xirovouni or to lake Pournarios and river Arachthos, with the rare wild flowers, the mushrooms, the plants and the herbs.
We organize: excursions with a local country guide for families and friends adjusted to your needs and mood. You will find trails and paths from two hours up to six.


In the forest of Bistoura

A route through a forest of pines, 2 km from the slope of Xirovouni which stands above the village, with a majestic view of Arachthos and lake Pournarios .

The stream of the poplar

A hiking route in the trails of the old water groove (Idroavlakos), a small irrigation of the 60s with the name “the stream of poplar” , which expands to 9,6 km. It begins from the small church of St Nikolas in Soumesi of Rodavgi and follows the old stream tracing, next to Arachthos, to conclude in St Visariona in Ammos of Rodavgi. Along the route the visitor is moving in the shadows of plane trees, oaks, willows, arbutus and is parallel to the river. There are some spots in the river where small beaches are formed and the visitor can enjoy a clay therapy.

The trail of Vidra

The trail of Vidra is one of the prettiest riverside trails of the country, with an extent of 17,560 km, gentle tilts, certified, marked and safe. It took the name of from the homonym mammal the Vidra (the European otter/ Lutra lutra), which is considered one of the rarest and endangered small mammal. This trail starts from the bridge of Tzari in Skoupa of Arta, crosses the villages Dafnoti, Platanoussa, and Monolithi and ends up in the single-arched bridge of Plaka, which connects the districts of Arta and Ioannina. The biggest part of the route is riverside. In the west stands mountain Xirovouni and on the other side one can see the Athamanika mountains. The transition to the trail occurs in the bridge of Plaka or the bridge Tzari, from the accesses of the villages or the vertical routes.

  • *A2 Skoupa 3,2 km NW2
  • *A3 Platanoussa 1,4 km NW2
  • *A4 Platanoussa 1,8 km NW4

The trail is managed by the cultural association of Skoupa named “Santa Marina” , which organizes every year the mountain running race “Vidras Trail” and has handled informally the preservation of the trail in cooperation with the volunteers.

Riverside trail of Pistiana

The riverside trail of Pistiana, which extends approximately to 12 km, starts from Platania of Pistania, moves along the stream of Batsoudia to meet the small valley of Avaritsa (to the height of Kiafa), continues to the settlements of Morsi, Potistika, Gouina, Kiprista of Pistania and ends up to Ammos of Rodavgi to connect with “the stream of the poplar”!
The trail was the basic riverside way of communication of the residents with Mhoust (the market of Arta), before the barrier drifted away the houses and the settlements were deserted.
Depending on the season, the colors in the trail change, while the sound of the water, either in small streams or in small waterfalls and impetuous creeks from Xirovouni to the lake, gives the rhythm. Festive nature all year around. The green leaves during spring and summer, golden and yellow during fall and winter. Touches of white and pink flowers in spring, the orange of the heathers, the purple flower jonquil, the red nuts of the arbutus , the jewel weeds and the holly in the fall, the white of snowdrops and so much more!
Other places of interest are Kazanes (the baptismal fonts at Pistania), the sank settlement in Potistika (remains of which emerge when the water level falls), the water fountain in Thesi , the watermill in the glebe of Panagia and St Visarionas in Ammo.
Depending on your mood you can walk part of the route of the trail, in which you can find access from vertical country roads.

The road of chestnut

Hiking route under the shadow of chestnuts, the main tree cultivation of the villages of Xirovouni. The route extends to 6 km from the elementary school of Pistania to the square of Rodavgi. During the route the hikers can admire the fjords of Arachthos and the lake Pournario, as well as the post byzantine temples of St Georgios, Panagia and Santa Paraskevi in Pistiana with the remarkable icons as well as the elaborate architecture of Santa Paraskevi of Rodavgi . Hikers can quench their thirst in the water sources they will meet in the way.


Mountain Bike

Most of the hiking routes and many more are offered for mountain bike rides.


Swimming in the river

Enjoy your swim in the cool waters of the river Arachthos and have a clay spa therapy in its naturally formed beaches, in the settlements of Kampos and Kardamos in Skoupa under the shadow of the century-old plane trees.


Cooking lessons

Get to know the area through the local flavors. Enjoy local dishes cooked by you in the outdoor cooking lessons with local cooks, who share the traditional recipes of their grandmothers. Lessons are carried out upon request and take place in local farms, in our guest house or a traditional tavern.

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